What About Paleo?

I don't eat grains or sugar or dairy. Okay, I struggle the most with sugar. I don't eat refined sugar but I do bake with honey or coconut sugar sometimes. And I like to eat the treats I bake. I shouldn't be eating any sugar. At all. Ever. I don't during my HCG rounds. I don't during the three weeks post round. But then I want to make cupcakes or homemade Nutella or little chocolate cookies. So, I am stil working on giving up honey and coconut sugar permanently.

When you don't eat grains or sugar or dairy that is often called a Paleo-type of eating program. If you want to know more about the Paleo diet you can read about it here.

I first heard about Paleo about three years ago when I was first tested for food sensitivities. In that test, I learned that almost every grain, all types of sugar and most dairy were off limits for me. I thought I would die. When I went home and researched following a diet like this, I felt like the only person on the planet who had to eat this way. Then I found bloggers who didn't eat grains, dairy or sugar and called it Paleo. I thought I had found nirvana. I wasn't so wildly abnormal. There were people out there like me. And they ate this way by choice and said they felt incredible doing it.

Since then I have worked on staying off grains and sugar. Dairy too for the most part. I gave up grains first. It took me a solid year to give them up permanently for six months. Then after that first six months, I would eat grains periodically and then go back to my Paleo-style eating. But grains were the easiest thing for me to give up.

Dairy I didn't eat a lot but the more grains I gave up, the more drawn to dairy I was. I started consuming more cheese and even tried raw milk several times. Sugar is by far the hardest thing I have tried to convince myself to give up. I didn't want to believe it affected me. It does. And I do so much better when I stay away from it.

Could you not eat dairy, grains or sugar? I never thought I could do it.


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