PCOS for Me

I have polycystic ovary syndrome which is an endocrine disorder that affects many women in the USA. What it means for me (and boys this is where you may want to bug out of this conversation) is that I have seriously brutal PMS. Not that I am in physical pain, but mentally I go off the rails for about a week each month. I lick the bottom of the of the toilet bowl--emotionally--for that week. I feel like pond scum and the world is a dark, dark place.

A major part of this health quest for me is to significantly improve my endocrine profile and resolve my PCOS so I can feel good every week of the month. I have become a little desperate in this area. It is one of the biggest motivating factors to me for losing weight. I want full control of my faculties. I want to be out of that darkness. I want my head in the game the entire time. If I want to choose out of the game for a break, then I want to choose it and not be forced into a break. This is a big reason why I don't eat grains, dairy and sugar. If doing that will get me out of my week of darkness then I will pay the price. I really, really, really don't like the darkness.

Some months are better than others. January's was pretty rough. December's was okay. November's was much easier than expected. February? February's week showed up and I survived it. With most of my faculties in tact. So, one really bad week out of four months? Things are improving. At least that is my read on the situation. I hope the next six months see a marked improvement each month.

Fingers crossed.


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