Status Update for March 2nd

I want to give a status update on my weight loss progress so far. You know the hard core numbers. Lay out all the data. So, have a look:

Second round of HCG from Feb. 8th

Stats for week of Mar. 1st

286.0 pounds

Pounds lost this week:
6.3 pounds

Start: Feb. 8th weight:
306.0 pounds

Pounds lost since Feb. 8th:
20.0 pounds

Those are the stats for the week. Kind of embarrassing to put out there for all the world to see but what do you do? I have some additional stats to share as well.

First round of HCG from Oct. 19th to Nov. 30th

Weight change:
41.2 pounds

Start: Oct. 19th weight: 
342.5 pounds

End: Nov. 30th weight:
301.3 pounds

Overall stats: 

My highest weight ever recorded:
355 pounds

My weight loss since October 2012:
56.5 pounds

My lowest weight in the last seven years
290 pounds

My last major weight loss was in 2005
105 pounds lost
209 pounds, lowest weight

I am happy with the progress so far. I am happy for the direction things are headed in. I am really excited to see what is around the next corner. I will keep sharing these numbers each Saturday, so stay tuned.


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