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One Year of Sugar-Free Life

One year ago I stopped eating sugar. And somehow (by the grace of God) I made it one whole year without eating it again.

I'd love to tell you that I decided "No sugar for me anymore!" and I made an ironclad commitment that began from that day forward. The reality is that this was probably my eleventy-sixth thousand attempt to stop eating sugar. In fact, let's be really honest, this attempt came on the back end of a deep dive into cake, the really good kind of cake, the kind that dreams are made of. And nightmares too.

I'd love to be flippant and cool and act like it was NBD (no big deal). But while I can sometimes pull off an NBD attitude, I have never gotten the hang of flippant or cool. This kind of thing is often so serious for me that I have trouble writing about it at all because it feels like THE BIGGEST DEAL EVER and THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE. It is so close and so personal for me that I have trouble taking a step back or articulating it without…

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