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A Simple Tweak that Helps Me Exercise Every Day

Yesterday it was here again. 
The exhaustion and fatigue were back. From the moment I woke up, all I wanted to do was crawl back in bed and go to sleep. All I wanted to do was to forget this feeling. This is the kind of exhaustion that makes me sit in a chair that it will take me two hours to get up from. The kind that will make every movement a calculated, pre-planned event. I went to my room to change my clothes for a quick walk and I could not resist the urge to lay down on the bed. Just a few glorious minutes to rest. But I knew if I did not get back up quickly I would not get up for hours. 
This was a day for minimums. 
What are minimums? 
Minimums in goals are baby steps. They are ways to start goals and to maintain them even in the midst of sickness, busyness or emotional resistance. I think the first book that helped me see this was The Miracle Morning where the author talks about what you can do in the morning to set yourself up for greatness. He talks about devoting at least…

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