Why I Do This

I love this little blog. I want it to grow and grow some more. I write every day in preparation for adding things to this blog. And then I do not post them. There is so much I believe about good health that I don't feel I can share anywhere else but here--my own little corner of the Internet. I feel so much freedom here which encourages me to write and I feel so much responsibility here which terrifies me from posting. 

Those could be excuses though. Why do I write here? I write here because I believe sharing my story--my one little tiny story in the vast swath of humanity---is worth it if I it helps someone find more or better health and increased happiness. Or if it comforts someone's heart. Or brings them hope. Isn't that really the best part of stories? Sharing our journeys so to connect with and benefit others? I have been inspired by so many others sharing their knowledge and their journey. 

  • Today for example, I finished a book by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt from DietDoctor.com. I have loved his blog for a long time and his book was even better. He goes into the insanity of nutritional advice that has been touted to us for 30 or 40 years and notes and details the studies that fed and refuted this insanity. What a great read! Check out The Low Carb High Fat Food Revolution
  • I watched a Periscope video of Michelle Tam from Nom Nom Paleo making what she called "garbage stir fry" and I had to laugh because I knew I liked Michelle and her cooking style and part of the reason is that I like to cook the same way. (Check out this recent Instagram post for proof.) How many times have I started a quick dinner with a pound of ground beef and some good veggies and made a meal out of it? That is definitely my vibe. Plus, I totally want a stove like hers. (If you do not do Periscope, she said she will be adding this video to her YouTube channel this week.)
  • Found this yummy-looking coconut zucchini bread recipe on Maria Emmerich's Mind Body Health blog along with a very interesting insight of hers on thyroid health, autoimmune disorders and medications. I have liked Maria for a long time even before she came out with her latest book The Ketogenic Cookbook with Jimmy Moore. I will be doing a review on that book sometime soon.
  • And I get inspired so often by people I follow on my Instagram feed @edenswellness. Today @pasturedkitchen shared a photo of Julie Bauer's new Paleo Cookbook as well as a recipe for Chicken Carbonara Casserole that made me want to cry with joy it looks so scrumptious. It is certainly in my taste zone of comfort food--spaghetti squash, spinach, chicken, onions and bacon! 
So, I get inspired and in turn it makes me want to share what I know, what I have experienced and what I am learning. And that encompasses books, articles, blogs, recipes, videos and hopefully lots of stories that connect me with you. 


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