Eating During a Highly Stressful Time

I have had two big trips--one in April and one in May. And I have been prepping all of my things to move them to a new place too. Since the traveling, the last couple of weeks have been very, very busy. How have I done with my eating? On both of the trips, I felt like the eating was really good although I came back from both trips bloated and needing a couple of days to rest and get back in my groove again. I think just eating a few different things and not having access to my regular food caused the bloating.

I was surprised on both trips how much I missed my kitchen. Like, really, really, really missed my kitchen. I have been more adaptable on other trips but for some reason not this season of my life. I needed the comfort of my food and my things around me. Maybe because I am making so many changes?

Two weeks ago I had my first binge in months. I then proceeded to binge two more times that same week. Going back to my therapist helped me pull out of that spiral. That helped a lot. Then my focus after that was preparing all of my stuff for a move. And by prepare, I mean that I was itemizing everything in every box that I came across. I didn't want any more nebulous ideas about what was packed where. I wanted to know where all of it was. I also was looking very hard for a new place to live. That consumed a few days too.

Packing and moving and cleaning consumed my energy last week. My eating took a huge dive down during this time period. But after a few days of feeling bloated as well as sore from all the lifting and moving, I climbed back on track. I knew that being sore was inevitable but feeling horrible did not have to be a part of my life. So, I cut out all the extras and the treats and went back to veggies and protein and fat. I am feeling much better. There is a lot to do in the week ahead. My plan is to stay on point with the eating so that I feel good throughout all of it.


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