Story Time

About 315 pounds in 2004
I  lost 105 pounds when I was 30 years old.  I lost 95 pounds when I was in my early twenties. Twice I have lost a significant amount of weight. Right now, I want to lose 200 pounds. I have wanted to lose that much weight for eight years. I dropped about 50 pounds a few years ago doing the HCG diet. In the last five years, I have gone gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free. I have even gone sugar-free (the last great bastion that I was holding on to). I have dieted, fasted, gone to therapists, energy healers, doctors,  and exercised, cooked more meals than I care to count, collected nearly 1700 recipes and poked and prodded at every blog, book, or testimonial on weight loss.

I felt truly confused for most of that time about what I should be doing. I think I was looking for the "perfect" solution, the right way. And it has taken a lot of time, discovery, and error to find the way that works for me. I have an autoimmune disorder, polycystic ovarian syndrome, metabolic syndrome and I am borderline Type II diabetic.

About 210 pounds in 2005

I have looked for answers since I was little. My mom says I was a chubby baby who never thinned out like her 7 siblings. I have a couple of theories about why that happened. I have felt emotionally and psychically afflicted by this weight. But in many ways, it has been the great teacher of my life. I keep telling everyone I am getting  a PhD in obesity. Time to share some of that knowledge.

I want to share what I know, what works for me, and how I have been changed by this journey to accept all the good and excise the bad on my pathway. I hope especially that I can help teenage girls avoid the painful and tumultuous road ahead that is obesity for women in the American culture. But really, I hope sharing my story helps anyone out there. Anyone who has suffered from the great plague of obesity and illness that is descending on our society. Because I do believe that this journey is not meant for most of us. It is a affliction of our modern society and finding a way out and through and over this obstacle is what this blog is all about.

This is my story through it.


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