Three Weeks Post Round

I just finished 3 weeks of no sugar/no starch. Fortunately my weight has remained relatively stable--within 2 or 3 pounds of where I ended the HCG round. Last week I did lose and gain 8 pounds within a few days of each other but that I chalked up to hormones. I am feeling good still and itching to get exercising more as well. I really like post round eating. It is my way of eating that I have become accustomed to the last few years--plenty of protein, veggies and fats. Food is so good! I've loved mixing veggies, eating bacon, having coconut oil and tasting everything.

And I have felt very grateful to watch my weight stabilize. That has been a pleasure. Most of the time, I am either losing weight or regaining weight. The last several times I have lost weight, I have not had an extended maintenance period where I have maintained the weight. That is what I want out of this post round. I want to maintain this weight loss, maybe even lose a little more. I want this weight loss to stick. I am still on the fence about HCG. Still wondering if this is the best thing for me. But I can get behind the way we eat in the post round as a lifestyle of eating. Good, whole, real food is the one principle that I am convinced reigns supreme in building health.


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