How 300 Lbs. Feels

It feels amazing, thrilling, incredible to be 300 pounds! Who says that? Only someone who has been over 300 pounds for a long time. This weight means I am only 100 pounds away from that magical one-derland where you start to look normal to everyone around you. That is a destination I would like to see this next year.

I feel lighter. My clothes are starting to hang on me. I can move up and down more easily. I feel taller, more lithe, more energetic, brighter and stronger. I love feeling like things are changing for good. It is one of the magical and dangerous things about weight loss--the change. We imbue this change with powerful feelings of excitement, acceptance, joy and happiness. It makes me wish for this change all the time. So this time around I am trying not to get overly excited but I do want to note what I am feeling at different stages. I do climb the stairs more easily. I can pick things up from the floor without problems. I can pick up children more easily. I am more willing to do many physical things simply because I feel like I can. I love that feeling. Weight is truly a handicap--whether physical or mental--because so much of life feels limited because your movement is limited. So, this weight feels like I am throwing off some shackles.

Happy day!


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