Menu for Feb. 20-26

Cooking is the foundation of good health. When I don't make time for cooking, my health takes a dive. I've tried lots of ways of cooking and prepping meals in the past---cooking each night, cooking several meals every weekend, and even pre-cooking meals so that I have the basic building blocks of a meal. I think I am going to keep all of these ideas and merge them. A way to always have multiple meals going in my fridge and freezer. 

On that note, here is this week's plan for food. My kitchen is organized, my meal plan is done, my fridge is full and I have a couple of hours ahead of me to cook. This makes me happy. 

Egg muffins


L: Chopped chicken salad w/ tomatoes, cucumbers, 

D: Mushroom glazed pork chops with baked apples & salad

L: Sweet potato soup w/kale & sausage

L: Salad with leftover pork chops

L &  D: Leftovers

*Meal plan
*Grocery shopping
*Food prep for week


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