Week 1 Menu: Primal Challenge

I am doing Mark Sisson's Primal Blueprint Challenge 2011 starting September 12th. For me to succeed at anything like this, I have to plan a menu. Otherwise life overtakes me and I don't know what to eat when I am hungry. In order to make it easier on me as I plan, I am assigned a protein to dinner for each day.

Mondays: Chicken
Tuesdays: Seafood/Fish
Wednesdays: Beef/Lamb
Thursdays: Pork/Turkey
Fridays: Salmon
Saturdays: Eggs/Leftovers

I will build my menus off that outline each week. I will list breakfasts and dinners. Lunch will always consist of leftovers or a version of the 2-Minute Salad so I won't list those unless I come up with a particularly great version of the salad.

Week 1 Menu:

    B: Egg cupcakes
    D: Butter roasted whole chicken with vegetables

    B: Brain Power Smoothie
    D: Skillet scallops with spinach

    B: Sweet potato hash
    D: Meatza pizza with salad

    B: Peach coconut smoothie (1 peach, coconut milk, berries, spinach) & scrambled eggs
    D: Slow Cooker Meatballs

    B: Easy Oven Omelette
    D: Salmon cakes with asparagus and zucchini

    B: Sausage, onions and eggs
    D: Leftovers

All of the recipes this week either come from wellnessmama.com or everydaypaleo.com or the Everday Paleo Cookbook.

I will tell you good or bad how it all turns out!


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