Thriving and Surviving the Holidays

I had a great holiday season. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year and this time it was busy, busy, busy but it was the kind of busy that is fun for me. Lots of shows, concerts, outing and events. I love Christmas. I do things at Christmas that I save up for all year long. It is really one of my favorite times of the year. 

I was a few weeks post round when Christmas day was upon us. I had no idea what to expect from the holidays and while I knew I was going to indulge a bit, I didn't want that indulging to set me off down the same old path. So, here is a list of the things that went well . . . and not so well during the holidays. 
  • did consume a 1 pound box of See's chocolates all by myself. 
  • weight stayed within 5 pounds of last weigh in--that was like a Christmas miracle all on its own.
  • did indulge in treats on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and the hardest week was the week between Christmas and New Years but overall I was really surprised at how well I ate. Especially because emotionally I was in the toilet for part of that time. 
  • survived on my own version of chocolate delight--pecans, sliced almonds, cocoa, honey, stevia
  • started taking magnesium oil; I like it
  • was able to dress better than I usually do during the holidays; because I was willing to go shopping; because trying on new clothes is fun when you go down a size or two. 
  • had enough energy to enjoy most of the activities; meaning I was present and accounted for during that time even when my energy was low
  • the sugar during Christmas and New Year's did set me off a bit; but within a week of eating lots of protein, veggies and fats, I was back down the few pounds that I had gained. 
All together, I believe this holiday season was a good one for me nutritionally. I was less of an emotional eater than ever. I felt like this round of HCG broke the back of my sugar/starch addiction. It does not mean I don't still get addicted to sugar (I do) but it was so bad that I needed a real cleanse from sugar. My plan is not to consume any refined sugar this year. Although chocolate is the one sticking point. What girl wants to live without chocolate? 


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