Change through Action

I'm a thinker. I like to ponder, peruse, cogitate and generally meander my way through life and obstacles. I will think and think and think about a problem before I take a step. If I make change in my daily life or my schedule, you can guarantee that I've spent at least 2.5 months deliberating my way through every particular of the choice--and more likely a year.

I thought about Crossfit for a year. A YEAR! I've pondered about Paleo for longer than that. I started this blog over six months ago for the express purpose getting things off the ground. And like so much in my life, it has taken time for me to figure it out, to ponder and to get myself on board.

I will say that for most of that time, I have not felt like writing. For me that is very unusual. But something has changed recently and that is my decision to act.

I've flirted with Paleo/Primal long enough. I've absorbed enough information. I probably absorbed enough a year ago. And I've gone on and off eating Paleo (defined as meats, vegetables, some fruit and good fats). Mostly what has gotten me off course is grains/sugar. I will decide I get a "treat" or I've worked really hard for a few weeks and it is okay if I slip this once or I'm tired/stressed/emotional and don't know what to make.

I've made the decision that this is what I am doing. No, ifs ands or buts. No seed oils, no sugar, no grains. I started doing a course of Whole30 and my plan is to continue for six months. One of my first priorities each week is a meal plan, grocery shopping and food prep. I am making all of my meals. I am committed to this course of action. There is no more deciding. The decision is made and now it is for me to make it successful.

It is such a relief. 


  1. Go Eden!!! Do you have someone to "report" to each week? Forcing yourself to be accountable to someone you're close to might help. Just a thought! You inspire me!!!

    1. No, Sarah, you inspire me. 7 kids and a busy life and so productive and creative. Glad you are reading here though. Yes, I am thinking this blog is my accountability but I will put some thought into someone close by too. Thanks.

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